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Start your adventure today!

Waste? I am made out of recycling paper!

Grab your own Papperlapapp Play-World!

NOW is exactly the right time for sustainable toys!

A bit of freedom within your own four walls.

We are robbers, unicorns, astronauts, merchants, pilots, deep sea divers,...We are everything when the kids' imagination has room to make it happen. Papperlapapp casually brings adventure home, gives the children space and, with appealing, subtle designs, lots of details and hiding places, offers the basis for fantastic stories and voyages of discovery.

Sustainable. Produced locally. Creative.

Our value proposition: More fun and less plastic in the children's room.(Because the best toy is often not a toy at all, right?) BECOME A PIONEER AND ACQUIRE A PLAY WORLD OF OUR 1ST PRODUCT SERIES!